At Highway Resource Solutions, we offer a Bespoke Training course to suit all your Safelane training requirements

HRS provide a class room & practical training course for traffic management operatives, designers, project managers and site supervisors

from our new training facility in Bottesford, Leicestershire or from your premises.

The above Training Course will be designed to make you feel confident when using the HRS Intellicone Safelane system.  

Please contact us on 0800 206 1319 to arrange your training. 

Training consists of practical and classroom elements.

For an insight into the training please see the videos below.


A new topic about which i knew little more than the publicity materials and concept. I now know a huge amount more, Thank you.

Bespoke Training Course : 10.04.2017

Excellent when dealing with the site specific queries and concerns.

Bespoke Training Course : 19.04.2016

The course provided excellent knowledge, theoretical and practical and it has been a very useful experience

Bespoke Training Course : 05.11.2015

Very good Course.  Save one life a year and it’s all worth it.

Bespoke Training Course : 15.09.2015

Fab piece of kit and gained some valuable knowledge, will be including this info in all of my TM designs in the future

Bespoke Training Course : 12.07.2017

This workshop provided me with a good understanding of how to correctly deploy Safelane, My knowledge of Intellicone is far greater and can now be deployed with confidence. The trainer was very helpful and enjoyed the course.

Bespoke Training Course : 20.08.2017

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Please contact Dale on 0800 206 1319 to arrange your training.

To Download the Training assistance App please use the links below