Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) was established in 2011, following the death of a Road Worker in Lincolnshire, UK. This tragic incident, caused by an errant vehicle, was the catalyst for the development of a Real Time Incursion Warning System for road workers which is now recognised as best practice by industry and Highways England.
Highway Resource Solutions mission is to design & supply Smart and easy to use safety technologies that can help create safer temporary worksites for workers and the general public travelling through roadworks whilst enabling significant efficiency savings.
Our solutions are award winning and have proven to safeguard road workers on numerous occasions whilst also delivering net cost savings in temporary traffic management. All our solutions are underpinned by our proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) platform (ISM Studio – Integrated Safety Management) which enables communication between smart devices and road workers over unlimited distance whilst delivering a wealth of previously unavailable information in real time.  Our sensor solutions are based on the innovative Intellicone® sensor & wireless communication system, which enables the rapid deployment of an electronically monitored & alarmed temporary barrier. Our systems provide unique objective real-time road works information which helps highway authorities become more efficient and provide accurate information to road users.